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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  July 31, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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what police say happened that left a man fighting for his life. a cockfighting operation raided a brutal attack ia popular san francisco park. what happened that left a man fighti for his life. a -- fight raid that led to dozens of arrests. news that could be firefighters back to work. what we're learning tonight about a possible breakthrough. >> we look overwhelmed, but it's only because of the cameras cameras. we're very excited. >> chelsea clinton is wed. >> he was cutting through a
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popular park when he was brutally attacked. a san francisco man is fighting for his life at being beaten and robbed in delores park. neighbors aren't surprised. >> andy wesley woke up to sirens today. >> the male victim made his way over the foot bridge before collapsing. the man is hospitalized with life-threatening wounds. two adults age 18 and 20 and a 17-year-old have been arrested and are being held for attempted murder. the violence is a disappointment for a popular park that serves a large community. the park was filled last week with people coming to hear a
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symphony. >> we used to come here all the time and sometimes we pick our time to come. it's not the same anymore. >> neighbors blame young crowds and alcohol for the escalated violence. >> to some extent it is getting more dangerous. >> are you worried about bringing your family to the park? >> i am. holidays, people are drinking. it gets out of control. >> what do you think should be done? more of a police presence. i know that's not a popular thing around this neighborhood. >> i realize the police are stretched thin. they're not going to be on every corner, but i'm part of this community, and i would like do something. i don't know what that something is. >> the foot bridge is a popular hangout after the bars closed. >> i take that bridge every day, especially at night when i come back from the mission.
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i don't know, maybe i'm going to have to go another way to get around the park now. >> the victim was a 40-year-old asian male. a raid on a -- fight in napa county led to 40 arrests. police responded to calls this afternoon. deputies discovered people inside a caged arena with a fight in progress. drugs and weapons were also found. >> misdemeanor is to view it, but the firearms and drugs and whether or not animals were killed during the fighting, they will be charged. >> police recovered 50 live birds and two dead ones. canyon road was shut down because so many people were running away when police arrived.
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>> there has been another fatal dog malling a. two-year-old boy was killed inside his san diego home. the attack happened in the bedroom and was witnessed by the boys brothers and sisters. his mother was in another room. the dog, a german shepherd mix had been with the family six months. he's been turned over to animal control. his father is a service man and is overseas. by tomorrow, 49 laid off firefighters will have turned in their badges and gear. the layoff started thursday when time ran out on a contract agreement. it's not clear what impact the negotiations may have had, but now they're talking again a. brand new offer could bring those firefighters back to work. >> tomorrow on august 1st, san jose firefighters are going to
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put a new offer across. it's going to have substantial new concessions and we're going to remove things that the mayor said were unacceptable and a barrier. >> the offer would have to be substantial. according to the city, the two sides were six million dollars apart. the city has declined a comment tonight until they had a chance to see the offer. meanwhile, san jose firefighters made quick work of a grass fire near story road. it was reported about 6:30 and was out about an hour later no.injuries or property damage, but it game very close to a bus yard. fire crews have a wild fire in southern california c nearly contained tonight. the fire started near the city of palm dale two days ago. it burned about 22 square miles
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and four homes. tonight it's 80 pocket contained and evacuation has been lifted. another fire started around noon and it has burned 12 acres. more than 100 firefighters have been assigned to fight that fire. two helicopters are assisting. there's no structure damage or injuries. it's still not clear what caused a driver to crash into a restaurant filled with customers. 20 people were eating inside the barbecue last night. a 65-year-old man behind the wheel of a toyota camry drove threw the plate glass windows and into the restaurant. >> the victim suffered cuts and possibly broken bones, but the injuries are not life- threatening. damage is estimated at 30 to $40,000. rallies around the world and
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here in the bay area today mark one year in captivity for hikers in iran. they shared memories of the three berkeley graduates. it's demanded that they be freed. now, why iran is denying the release. >> they have now spent an entire year in annie rainen prison. their families say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. the i rannens say they crossed into iran illegally. it's been a year of incarceration for the hikers and a frustration for their mothers. they organized -- >> we know no more today than
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we did july 31st of 2009 about their case. that's what's outrageous. >> president obama has issued a statement that the three has never worked for the u.s. government and their attention has nothing do with the issues that continue to divide the united states from the iranen government. iranen president ahmadinejad remained defiant. >> they have crossed our borders, and that is against the law. we're not happy to keep them here. we're not happy. we're very sad about it. these people are in prison, but there is a law. >> the three mothers were allowed to visit their children last may, but have heard nothing since. but a year later, they're not giving up. >> no, i have not given up. none of us have given hope. we know the whole world understands this is a political
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game. so let's get on with the game. get it over with. >> shane bowers mother and minnesota senator al franken led a march in bowers home state. there was a silent auction to continue the legal effort to bring their children home. >> josh pal's family was joined at independence hall. protesters held bars across their face over the detention of the hikers in iran. the president called the retention unjust. he also tells harry smith, cbs news, that he understands the frustration many americans have over the economy. >> we've lost as many jobs as we can.
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people are losing values this their homes and 401(k)s, et cetera. people have every right to be scared and frustrated and angry. >> the interview will air tomorrow: big wedding news that mixes politics and celebrity. we don't know if she's changed her name, but we know chelsea clinton tied the knot tonight. do you know in chelsea took her husband's name. >> if she took her husband's name? i don't know. that's a good question. maybe he's going to be mr. clinton. she's the famous one so far. it is official. we have the photos to prove it. the pride wore a vera wang dress and they had an interfaith ceremony. >> these are the first pictures
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of the new couple. one image shows bill clinton walking his daughter down the aisle. the parents watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as the couple wed. they could not have asked for a more perfect day. suvs and cars with tinted windows were spotted headed to the ceremony. it was tucked away from prying eyes. onlookers did manage to see guests shuttled from their hotels, but they wanted to see the pride. >> it would have been nice to see somebody roll the window down and wave are the the car. in fact, for a wedding that's star studded, madeleine albright were the and ted danson were the only ones spotted. >> the merchants welcomed the
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publicity. salesmen took to the streets. t-shirts celebrate the couple. there's lemonade for charity, doggy wed ing atire advertising the local pet store. it was a pictureesce destination for the young woman america watched grow up. mr. clinton said he lost 20 pounds for the event. it was a request from chelsea. the clintons also said they're very grateful to the people of ryan beck. i've got to tell you, when we had our photos on our laptop, everybody wanted to see them. they were very anxious. i hear that the party is still going. a lot of her friends are in their 20s and 30s. they can go for a while. >> and i guess the no-fly zone continues until about 3:30. >> we heard the dj was going to
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5:00. who knows. >> you could be up late. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, anne. well, bikers bearing back to school necessities. making sure kids have what they need when they return to their classroom. eating healthier. there's change that's going to affect farmers and schools. and reliving painful memories. immigrants remember their time on angel island decades ago. we've got low clouds and fog now moving back on shore. will it clear out for tomorrow. coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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more than 100 bikers from the san mateo county harley club called "hogs" delivered a load of of school supplies to kids at san mateo medical center. the
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more than 100 bikers from a club called hogs delivered a ton of school supplies. today was their first time they brought school supplies. they also brought a check for $1,000. the newest bay area farmers market is worlds away from the pricy upscale version of the ferry building, but it offers the same fresh healthy food. what the farmers market is doing to better serve the neighborhood. on the second week of the new farmers market at the cow palace, it's ms. clark's first visit. >> it's a wonderful treat. >> she gets government help with food purchases, what used to be called food stamps. >> i'm serving the country. i'm able to get -- to
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compensate for the low typen i'm receiving. there's still a lot of places this card can't be used. what's a farmer going do with a plastic payment? >> how much would you like on it. >> enter the government provided a, the m like machine that allows farmers markets to cash on benefit. >> we just swipe the card and give them tokens and they spend them. >> ron runs 11 farmers markets around the bay area. in the future all of them might. there's a -- it helps people come out. and for the people no longer limited where they can shop,
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especially in a neighborhood like this where the income and variety levels are low. >> everyone has the right to fresh, good, local produce. we want to make it available and as easy as possible. this farmer's market will be open for some time and eventually permanently if things work work out. richard moore got a letter saying he owes -- and his wife owes 600. both were from receiving checks in 1994. they were overpayments that were caught when they updated
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their computers. what is sunday look like for us? >> you like the fog and wind? it should look like this. in berkeley, the kites were up. we're going to see more of that wind tomorrow all around the bay area. part of that summer season. low clouds and fog moving in. it's going to stretch on shore again. no change for tomorrow or probable the next seven to ten days. out the door, as you head around the bay aarea, the temperatures fairly mild. looks like tomorrow we're going to see plenty of sunshine. 60s and 70s and then fog is going to be in place tomorrow. we're going to deal with sunshine in the afternoon, but plenty of low clouds tomorrow afternoon. if you're stepping out the door
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right now. temperatures in the 50. it looks like things are pretty cool here. more fog on the way for you tonight and also tomorrow morning. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, things should clear out pretty nicely and then we'll head for more sunshine in the afternoon. we'll warm up those temperatures, but it's going to take a while. inland by tomorrow afternoon, but that's about it. otherwise we're going to stay in between. decades after being held at angel island, how immigrants are recalling the nightmare.
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angel island. it marked the anniversary of a painful start to new lives in america. >> that was the dream, to come to the new world. >> i think it's a moving experience for people to be out here today. >> on angel island, a celebration marking 100 years. >> if you are a descendant of an immigrant, raise your hand or stand up. >> thousands of chinese immigrants were brought here and kept here. >> all of these writings expressing their sadness and desperation of being detained in a prison when they thought they were coming to a land of opportunity. >> these walls literally talk. >> every chinese immigrant who came through here had to face interrogation.
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>> my grandmother wouldn't talk about this place in her lifetime lifetime. >> today gives families a chance to reflect and remember. >> did they lock you in the barracks. >> for a long time. >> this day was an emotional one for him. he has not been back for 83 years. >> do you remember this? >> as soon as we saw -- caught sight of the island, it was very traumatic for him, and he started to tier. >> it was emotional for me as well. it's little humbleing. it was difficult to see what he went through for us to be here today. >> it was a better life for him and now he's come back to where
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it first started. the giants make two moves right before the trade deadline. and pat burrell grew up watching the rivalry. today he became a part of it
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javier lopez and red sox reliever ramon ramirez... tim, brian sabean felt the bullpen needed extra arms, so he went out and got lopez and ramirez. start the clock. the dodger have some bullpen issues of their own right now. jonathan broxton tried to get the save. pat burrell, no.6 in a giant
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uniform. they beat the dodgers. kevin kouzmanoff continued his 2 2nd half. he got his 10th homer of the year. dallas braden pitch as complete game and beats the white sox for the 2nd time. bank of the west classics -- remains winless against azaranka. she'll play sharapova tomorrow. how is this for consistency. she'll take a four-shot lead into the final round. and finally fred couples shot a 65 to move to the top of the leader board at the u.s. open. >> and football? >> raiders and niners, can you believe it's here. >> yes, these two are smiling
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again. >> that's it. good-night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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